Anthony Shadid tributes from across the web


News outlets and twitter were abuzz yesterday with the death of Anthony Shadid, a veteran foreign correspondent covering Syria for The New York Times. He reportedly died of an athsma attack at the end of a week-long reporting trip to Syria.

Today, the web was full of tributes to Shadid. Many successful reporters who either knew him personally or were influenced by his work paid tribute to Shadid. Here are a few such tributes:

I ran into my office, turned on the TV, and quickly started calling my bosses and colleagues.

Then I ran back into the lobby, where I literally bumped into Anthony as he came in the door.

“What’s going on?” he said.

“Two planes have crashed into the World Trade Center” I told him. “They think it’s a terrorist attack.”

Stunned into silence for a half-beat, he then offered a prescient response.

“This is the biggest story of our lives,” Anthony replied.

It was, especially for him.

What ensued the past decade was a gift for people on both ends on Anthony’s reporting.

Photo/Creative Commons/Flickr user Terissa Schor

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