AT&T customers hacked to fund terrorist network

The FBI, along with authorities in the Phillipines, announced four arrests in a hacking ring that funded a group linked to the November 2008 bombings in Mumbai, Reuters reports.

Those arrested on Wednesday in Manila were paid by the same group the Federal Bureau of Investigation accuses of having funded the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai, the Philippines’ Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) said.

The hacking activity resulted in almost $2 million in losses incurred by AT&T, the CIDG said in a statement.

AT&T said its system was not breached, and declined to comment on the $2 million figure. Customers, not central AT&T servers, were the hackers’ targets. If that number is correct, it shows that creative funding schemes are proving lucrative for terror networks.

News of the hacking is also likely to add to the United States’ increasing frustration with Pakistan, where the attackers were allegedly based. American money funding a terrorist attack, even if it was stolen American money, is sure to ruffle some feathers in Washington.


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