Egypt’s missing eyes


At the Daily Dish, a reader wrote to Andrew Sullivan:

I thought I should share this photo with you. From right to left: @Malek activist and blogger (injured yesterday), @AhmedFatah photo-journalist for Al-Masry Al-Youm daily newspaper (injured yesterday), and Ahmed ElBardesi, a dentist who lost his right eye on Jan 28 and lost his left eye yesterday in Tahrir Sq. The number of eye injuries have alarmingly high and unusual.

Security forces has been accused of targeting activists and journalists. On Twitter, people have been advising each other to turn off the location feature in fear that they’re being tracked by security forces. Here’s a tweet yesterday from Yosri Fouda, a well-respected journalist (BBC, AlJazeera, now ONTV) who suspended his TV show protesting pressures from SCAF to silence criticism: “Injury of 10 media people, the arrest of 2, and the Press Syndicate confirm that they’re being targeted on purpose. No honorable person is afraid from a Pen or a Camera”

Al-Masry Al-Youm offers an explanation:

As violence continues through Sunday, eyewitnesses say that the CSF intentionally aimed projectiles, including tear gas and rubber shotgun pellets, directly at protesters’ heads. 

Photo from @AhmedFatah via The Daily Dish.

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